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Coach Charger

Coach Charger used to be a city slicker. He took early retirement and moved out to the country after the fast-paced life-style wrecked his marriage and he was forced to reappraise his life. This bear-like, seriously sexy, silver fox now works as a part-time sports coach and really enjoys inspiring the young men on his team. His charm, natural authority and big dick make him a natural top, but every so often, an assertive twink can turn everything on its head.


This dark-haired jock loves two things: playing hard on the field and fucking hard off it. And there's nothing he likes more than pounding a horny older muscle man, pinning the bigger guy down with his wiry strength and hearing him whimper as Marcus slams into him again and again. Fr Marcus, winning the championship is neck and neck with seeing the submissive lust in an older man's eyes in terms of pure pleasure. Luckily, Marcus has plenty of chances to experience both.