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Coach Navarro

Coach Navarro was a gifted sportsman in his youth, but injury prevented him from becoming a pro baseball player. Instead, he made a fortune in tech, but has recently taken early retirement and has started coaching. His methods are unorthodox, but he will take whatever steps are necessary to instill confidence in the boys he coaches. Navarro is a handsome, beefy DILF with sexy, broad thighs. He loves the attention of young men and young men love to give it to him!

Myott Hunter

Sexy, blue-eyed, dark-haired, big-dicked twink, Myott is the best player on his college baseball team, but he’s not reaching his full potential due to a lack of self-belief. Myott has a difficult relationship with his father, who takes any opportunity to put him down. Despite this, and maybe because of this, Myott regularly finds himself drawn to older men. And older men usually like the attention! He’s eager to show what he can do and make his mentors proud. Luckily for him, all that it takes is for him to serve up his naturally gifted cock for them to suck and ride for hours!