Lucas is a boyish young man with a smooth body and sweet, innocent-looking face. But while he might seem lean and petite, he has a throbbing, veiny cock that's impossible to ignore! Tightly held in his jock strap, every other man can see what he's sporting and is curious to try it out. For his part, Lucas has his sights set on the handsome older men he sees around the sports club. He often fantasizes about his coach and trainer, hoping to get the chance to see what they're packing in return. And from the looks he gets from them, it seems it's only a matter of time...


Chapter 1 New Recruit LUCAS RYDER

Coach Angus can’t get enough of boys like Lucas. With his lean frame and boyish good looks, he is enthralled by his youth and energy... And not to mention... [read more]

Chapter 3 Top Training TAG TEAM

Lucas has already topped Coach Angus, but it never hurts to get some extra training. Cole has come with him, and he’s armed with several toys to help... [read more]

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