With his sparkling smile and lean body, Cameron Basinger is not only hung with heavy, club-like cock that’s thicker near the head, he knows how to use his meat to really stretch a guy out. Cameron takes his physical fitness seriously and it shows in the form of ripped abs, tight muscles, a bubble butt built from a lot of squats. His torso sees a lot of sun from trying to catch coach’s eye by always volunteering for the skins team during drills. Coach has always been his inspiration for fitness growing up and it’s no wonder Cameron can be found staying late after practice to help clean up the locker rooms and set up for the next week’s activities. That’s also the perfect time to pilfer sports bags for jockstraps. He loves seeing the other guys flop around in their shorts after he’s hidden their jocks. Cameron’s had his eye on coach’s bag recently and really wants to see what that bulge looks like out of its pouch. Maybe he’ll take coach’s jock for his own personal collection.
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