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Austin is a sexy, little guy with almost no hair on his body, except for what grows on his head! And given how much he likes bottoming, he didn't mind the presumption that he would bottom whenever he had sex. He was, in fact, very happy taking big cocks up the ass! But despite stereotypes about his size and tight-bodied twink physique, one day while watching porn, he found himself unexpectedly getting turned on by the thought of topping.

Watching sexy daddies fuck smooth little twinks, Austin got horny for the big, muscle butts of the daddies. Even as they were fucking the whimpering little guys, he didn't just admire their strength and size, he imagined what it would be like to feel his cock slide into those beefy asses. And suddenly he wanted nothing more than to give it a try! Austin has had a lot of fun pumping young loads into sexy men who love taking a good pounding from this little twink top!

Chapter 1 Top Instruction AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 2 Top Tryout AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 3 Top Training AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 4 Extra Innings AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 5 Sports Camp Newbie AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 6 Hungry Twink Top AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 7 Freestyle Top Austin Young

Chapter 8 Stocking Stuffer AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 10 Mentoring Potential AUSTIN YOUNG

Chapter 1 Masc Bottom Tag Team TAG TEAM

Chapter 2 Twink Tag Team TAG TEAM

Chapter 4 Extra Innings TAG TEAM

Chapter 6 Getting an Assist TAG TEAM

Chapter 1 Team Play TEAM PLAY

Chapter 1 Felix's All Play ALL PLAY