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112 lbs

Ian has never really stood out among his peers. Mostly, because he stands at only 5’4″ tall! And when you couple that with a shy, timid personality, he’s often overlooked by the larger world. But despite all of this, he still has needs! Most people don’t see him as a top, but just like any other red-blooded young male, he has the need to breed deep in his bones. He dreams of finding a sexy daddy eager to bend over and take his hard, unwrapped cock!

When he starts thrusting, it’s hard for him to think of anything more satisfying. Always eager to show that even the smallest of little guys can excel on top… All he needs is a chance up at bat!



Trainer Dietrich is tall, tan, tatted, and toned. He’s got a beautiful body that drives his clients wild! He insists he’s just trying to stay in shape, but deep down he loves the attention he gets. Whenever he’s helping someone in the gym, he’s always aware when they can see his overflowing jock up the wide legs of his shorts; giving anyone who peeks a glimpse of his smooth, round ass and big bulge.

He loves fucking and breeding other muscular daddies, throwing around his size and strength in a playful show of dominance… But as much as he loves being on top, he also loves when a young, lean bottom finds their own strength inside his tight hole. He believes deeply in bringing out the best of those he’s with and seeing them reach new heights. Nothing is hotter than seeing a young, smaller guy feel like a titan as he cums inside his ass!

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