Chapter 1 New Recruit TOM BENTLEY

Agent Robles has had his eye on Tom for a while. He’d seen his capabilities on the field, noting his physical prowess and stamina. He wanted to see more... [read more]

Chapter 1 Top Instruction AUSTIN YOUNG

Coach Angus has always enjoyed Austin’s can-do attitude. The young man is eager to try new things and test his limits, but has always been in the bottom... [read more]

Chapter 1 New Recruit FELIX MAZE

Mornings at camp are usually pretty quiet. Just the sounds of early birds chirping, the rustling of trees, and the first pots of coffee beginning to boil.... [read more]

Chapter 2 Top Tryout AUSTIN YOUNG

Doctor Wolf has known Austin for quite a while. During camp physicals Austin has shared much of his sexual history, even his hopes for his sexual future!... [read more]

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