big dick twink top fucks daddy bottom - Twinks are taking control & topping like champs!

Let’s face it… Twinks have a reputation. They carry around a bit of a stereotype on their youthful frames. People see lean, hairless, boyish young men and immediately assume that they’re bottoms. Their smooth bodies, handsome faces, and tiny waists are often seen in videos getting pounded by big, hairy, muscular daddies.

By why limit one’s potential? “Twink” may describe a physicality, but who are we to say what they can and cannot do? These young men may lack the years of testosterone-fueled muscle development or the traditionally masculine scruff, but when it comes to a good fuck, who can deny the pleasure of a big cock?! These boys are just as hung as any beefcake stud, and when you’ve got the right equipment anything’s possible… 

See what these horny young guys can do when switched from catcher to pitcher, especially when paired up with those classically seen as the tops! Both your minds and your loads will be blown when you see these young, lean studs step up to the plate and pound home like a champ!

Some may need a little coaching to get the feel of their manhood, while others are natural-born fuckers just waiting to be called up to bat! See their eyes light up as they feast on beefy daddy ass for the first time, slide their huge, young raw cocks into the inviting backsides of the muscular men, and grip onto thick man thighs as they dump their hot, bareback twink loads. Daddy’s been benched and junior’s on deck!

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